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An Introduction to Video-Driven Intelligence

Posted by Taylor Grassby on Mar 10, 2015 10:44:00 AM

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Get the Most out of Video Surveillance by Understanding the Basics

Video surveillance, like the kind Envysion provides, is an emerging technology that isn’t completely understood. The data produced is comprehensive, and these innovative products give operators, managers, and business owners extensive insight into what’s going on inside their physical business locations.

In this three-part series, you'll learn more about what it all means, and most importantly, how to use it to benefit your business.

Understanding the lingo: MVaaS

Video surveillance is easier than ever to implement, even for smaller businesses. That’s all because of something called Managed Video as a Service, or MVaaS. This allows the service to easily manage a very large volume of video equipment and data, with no inconvenience to the customer when it comes to software upgrades and maintenance. Users access everything online via the cloud.

It’s easy to use

You don’t have to watch all of your video footage to use the data it provides. A good MVaaS service will allow you to search through the video feed based on day, time, and even certain motion cues. Before this easy-to-use service it was often too much trouble to investigate incidents, especially because of the time commitment involved. With a simple web-based portal you can access all of your data from a streamlined system. You’ll get point of sale data, information about how many customers walk into the store, who buys what, and more.

The company managing the software handles all of the technical aspects, so you don’t have to burden your IT department, either.

Visibility into daily store operations

It’s not possible to be in multiple places at once, but video surveillance is the next best thing. Regional managers can spot-check the stores that they’re in charge of, even from the road. It’s easy to flag time-clock abuse, monitor potentially high-risk transactions and returns fraud, and more. If you have a recurring problem, video footage makes finding the origin an easy process.

Keep your employees honest

Video surveillance also makes it easy to monitor employees, as long as you communicate effectively. Keep policies and expectations clear to keep honest people honest. You can use the video data to train employees, prevent wrongful termination, and more.

Monitor cash handling practices

Any business where employees handle cash and credit card transactions can benefit from video surveillance (and a clearly outlined cash handling policy.) For example, ensure that employees are properly counting change back to the customer at the end of a cash transaction by regularly reviewing your video footage.

You’ll even get data about individual employees on a number of metrics so that you can flag any potentially fraudulent transactions. You can create transaction reports for employees, certain types of transactions, and more. It’s an extremely helpful tool that allows managers to identify activities like return fraud.

Video intelligence for loss prevention

One of the most popular uses for video driven intelligence is loss prevention, and it’s an excellent solution to reduce shoplifting and other thefts amongst customers and employees. Restaurants, for example, can use video footage to verify that employees are following employee meal policies. If a policy is being abused, loss prevention specialists can easily identify the relevant transactions.

Schedule time to review your video footage

Of course, metrics derived from video surveillance are only helpful if you use the data. You absolutely must carve out time in your working schedule to review the footage and reports. It’s the easiest, most effective way to understand exactly what’s going on in all of your business locations, and the data provided can show you how to keep improving your best practices and bottom line.

Stay tuned for the next blog "Three  Ways Video Driven Analytics Can Help Your Business Tomorrow" where I will get into people counting and using video intelligence as a training and coaching tool.

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Taylor Grassby

Taylor Grassby

Account Executive, Envysion

Taylor Grassby, hails from Steamboat Springs, CO. Following his passion for skiing and extensive skiing career as a youth, Mr. Grassby was given an opportunity to work on the other side of the ski business as a factory rep for Nordica North America. It was with Nordica where he discovered his passion for business development as he oversaw all product launches for the company.

As an operations executive at REVE Marketing, he was able to combine, vast industry experience with his technical know-how. From there Taylor went to work as a senior account executive with a SaaS firm specializing in web and mobile development for the conference, convention and trade show industry. 

In addition to his current position as account executive for Envysion, Taylor is attending the University of Denver completing a Masters in Leadership and Organizational Studies with a completion date expected in 2015.

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