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Cinemark improves visibility, achieves increased profitability

Posted by Jeremy Lee on May 29, 2015 12:09:00 PM

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Managing over hundreds of theaters across a large geographic area meant Cinemark was in need of something Envysion are experts at delivering—intelligent, analytics-driven video access to any given location from nearly any other location on the planet. 

Coaching versus prosecuting—the insight to know the difference

Any retail business understands the importance of loss prevention—theft must be actively prevented and employee coaching must be proactively addressed. In fact, one of the challenges many loss prevention experts face is knowing whether a particular loss was intentional or if it was an honest mistake.

Data is usually the determining factor. Patrick Burns, loss prevention manager for Cinemark USA, says, “Everything an employee touches from a systems standpoint leaves an electronic signature that we can pull data from and analyze and compare with site and organizational trends.” But until now, that data lived in a vacuum and determining employee intent was nearly impossible, making it hard to know if an employee was due for coaching, kudos or discipline.


Data and video come together to tell the full story.

That’s where Envysion offers a profit-driving advantage. Historically, data was captured independently from video, requiring extensive forensic work to retroactively piece together an accurate view of any given transaction. Envysion automates all that work by integrating POS data and leveraging advanced analytics and powerful exception reporting tools to capture every keystroke, every moment—and refine your focus just to the moments that matter.

Burns, has long used video footage in his investigations, but video alone simply wasn’t enough. “Ten years ago, I went into most cases with maybe 50% of questions answered; the other 50% had to be uncovered on-site through questioning and investigative work,” he says. This inefficiency and lack of hard data to back up accusations made it very hard to consistently close cases in a timely manner. Envysion changed the game for Cinemark. “Now the data is so significantly better, I can go into an interrogation today with 90% of my questions answered.”

Tapping the power of the cloud to minimize travel

Envysion gives Cinemark more than just a real-time presence in the Envysion-equipped theaters—it provides their managers with presence into every transaction, from nearly any location on the planet. Envysion is a cloud-based solution that enables access from almost any type of Internet-enabled device.

“One of the great things about using Envysion is that I can access it from my desk,” says Burns. Aside from saving extensive travel costs and time, this also typically means that Burns is able to build a better case before anyone is alerted. “Envysion allows me to begin the investigation remotely and really pinpoint relevant data through the exception reporting features of the system.” 

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Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee

Strategic Account Manager, Envysion

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