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Loss Prevention in the Cinema or Theater

Posted by Jeremy Lee on Apr 28, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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The silver screen is great for showing us how crack operatives can bypass security, showing us classic scenes ranging from Tom Cruise dangling above the floor in Mission Impossible to the bait-and-switch schemes of the Ocean’s Eleven gang. But theaters and cinemas around the country are subject to a wide variety of losses themselves. Problems can emerge from identification fraud, false payments, fast-paced checkout counters, a transient customer base, a high quantity of low-dollar cash transactions and a lack of experienced cashiers, not to mention a lack of visibility as to how the theater actually operates on a day to day basis. By implementing a video surveillance and analytics system, theater owners and managers can gain instant visibility into each theater and revenue-generating area, offering an unprecedented ability to minimize loss and boost operational efficiency and customer experience. Here are some areas that cinemas and theaters should keep an eye on.


Eyes on All Cashiers

Using video surveillance is a very effective way to monitor point-of-sale transactions. This not only allows the cinema to identify fraudulent ticket returns, discounts and voids but also increases the effectiveness of your loss prevention staff by allowing them to monitor multiple locations around the premises at once. Managers can also more effectively evaluate all employees, from cashiers to snack bar attendants to ensure that all employees are working as efficiently as possible.

Prevent Product Shrinkage

A video analytics system is also a valuable tool to monitor the efficiency of a theater’s concession stand. By analyzing customer service productivity, owners and managers can predict product re-stocking needs, maximize profit and prevent product shrinkage by properly training employees how to fill orders and deliver product to customers.

Maintain Theater Security

It goes without saying that the safety and security of both employees and customers in a theater is an absolute must. A comprehensive video surveillance system not only ensures that the physical integrity of the theater is kept intact but it also helps limit loss from unsound liability claims and ensures that the cinema is operating according to all relevant state, federal and local regulations.

Prevent Piracy

Content piracy is still a subject of contentious debate, with some advocates arguing that the high profit margins and record-breaking profits enjoyed by movie studios and cinemas somehow justify the practice. Nevertheless, movie piracy does take profit out of the hands of cinemas and it is definitely not a criminal act you want happening in your theater. By utilizing high-tech, night-vision surveillance and implementing piracy prevention training with your employees, you can help nip this growing problem before it becomes a major issue for your business.

Video-based business intelligence is quickly becoming the go-to solution for major cinema chains across the United States. Whether you’re managing a small hometown cinema, one of the last of the drive-in theaters or a high-end theater/restaurant combination like the Alamo Drafthouse or Cinebarre theater chains, video surveillance is a dynamic solution for a variety of business needs including security, loss prevention, profit optimization and ticket sales.

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Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee

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