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Prepare for the Summer Movie Season

Posted by Christie Acker on Jul 10, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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Get Your Theater Ready for Summer’s Biggest Blockbusters

Summer tends to be the biggest season for movie theaters across the globe, and running a movie theater during this busy time can be stressful. Summer blockbusters are released, kids are out of school, and sometimes people just want to beat the heat in a dark, air-conditioned cinema. This is great news for business and with some preparation you can fill your seats and handle the extra businesses smoothly. Here’s how to prepare your cinema for the upcoming summer movie season.

Evaluate your area’s local market

You have to understand your local market if you hope to pre-plan for the busy summer season. Understanding who will be filling your theater’s seats will allow you to determine everything from attractive summer promotional offers to which movies to screen.

Offer something for kids on summer vacation

School-age children being on summer break is one big part of why summer gives us an increase in cinema attendance, so why not offer something just for the kids? Regal Movie Theaters has $1 showings for select children’s movies, for example. Regal isn’t the only theater chain offering discounted movies for children.

Don’t forget about other demographics, too

Kids aren’t the only ones who want to get their summer movie fix in. You can also design movie promotions based on the tastes of other groups. Consider holding a “college night” with discounted tickets for valid student ID holders, or offer specials on concessions. Remember that giving customers a quality movie-going experience is a key part of business and make your decisions with that mindset.

Prepare for the summer movie rush

Of course, you also have to plan ahead if you want your cinema to handle the increased business with ease. Your inventory needs to be well-stocked and employees need to be ready for increased business as well as other factors. 

Is your inventory in order?

More ticket sales mean more sales at concessions. Make sure that you have enough inventory on hand to ensure that no customer has to go without their Milk Duds. If you already have a POS system in place to track these details, maintaining inventory should be simple.

Do you have enough staff to cover busy periods?

It’s also important that you have enough staff to cover busy periods and that you have the right staff to cover those periods. If you need to hire more employees to manage business during the summer rush, try to get a head start on hiring, so that all staff members are fully trained and functional.

Which movies will you screen and how often?

In small cinemas, it’s much more difficult to make room for every single summer blockbuster hitting the big screen. If you’re working with limited screen space, scheduling becomes extremely important. Can you screen more kids’ movies during the day and then switch over to the season’s biggest action flicks once the sun sets? If you’ve done some preliminary thinking about the demographics that your theater serves, answering these questions will be a breeze and you’ll glide through the busy summer movie season without any business snafus.

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Christie Acker

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Christie holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University.

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