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Safety and Security. The Best Insurance Policy You Can Buy.

Posted by Dawn Lampert on May 22, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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Safety is no accident. Your operations are really only as safe as you make them. Keeping your retail or restaurant premises safe and secure for both your employees and your customers requires a conscious effort, diligence and the right tools for the job.

We live in a much different world today than retailers and QSR operators of the past. The days of posting a list of safety precautions on the wall in the break room are gone.

While we’re not trying to paint too dark of a picture, the statistics speak for themselves.

Whether you operate multiple store locations across a broad geographic region or a single store close by, you can’t be a constant physical presence to check for an open back door, mop up a spill on the floor of a high-traffic area or ensure that cash security policies and single-drawer accountability procedures are being followed.

Envysion’s intelligent video solutions are enabling leading retailers such as 4G, Murdoch’s and AT&T, plus top casual dining brands like KFC, Qdoba and Chipotle to ensure that they are creating an environment that is a safe and secure one in which to shop and work.

Envysion's video-driven business intelligence solutions enable you to not only view hard-to-see or poorly lit locations, but to remotely monitor critical operational procedures such as back door access, drawer accountability, single-drawer cash handling and cash drops, returns, gift card transactions and more. When integrated with point-of-sale systems, Envysion video solutions enable you to rewind your “game film,” sync it to a unique transaction, and use that as a deterrent or as a powerful training tool to point out negative behavior and reinforce behavior that meets or exceeds expectations. 

Bottom line? Safety is the best, and cheapest, insurance policy you can have.

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Envysion is a leading provider of cloud-based video driven business intelligence that helps companies deliver on their brand promise. At Envysion, we marry operational, financial and employee metrics together with video and sophisticated analytics and make it easy-to-use and accessible, offering visibility into every store…every location…every day…from anywhere.

Dawn Lampert

Dawn Lampert

Account Director, Envysion

Dawn is responsible for helping Envysion’s enterprise clients in the retail and restaurant spaces determine which Envysion products and services will best meet their needs. Prior to Envysion, Dawn was with MegaPath and was responsible for selling complex Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions into retail and restaurants. Additionally, Dawn has delivered significant results for other start-ups such as Connect South LLC, Intrepid Communications and Advanced Radio Telecom. Dawn earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at Western Kentucky University.

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