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Using Video Analytics to Improve the Hospitality Experience

Posted by Christie Acker on May 6, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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Hotel guests are an infamously tricky customer base to satisfy on a consistent basis. Whether you’re running a quaint six-room chateau in Vail, a busy seaside motel off Monterey Bay or a four-star hotel in the heart of Manhattan, maintaining the quality and unique nature of a hotel guest’s experience is a challenge. That’s without even mentioning the diversity of hotel guests—ensuring that a family of four has the time of their lives at Disneyland and offering four-star service to the CEO of a multi-million dollar business venture are just the far ends of the hotel guest spectrum.

Take heart: investing in your guests’ hotel stay experience is worth the time and effort involved. The goal here is to move your hotel from just another generic room to crash in for the night to a venue that is memorable enough to draw customers back again for many years to come. Using video-driven analytics to draw insights into how your hotel operates on its own and in comparison to your competition will give you the advantage. Here are some ideas to think about for the future.

Maximize the Adjacency of Guest Rooms

Especially in large hotels or venues near convention centers or urban center, knowing where people are in your hotel can be as important as knowing how they are. Video surveillance not only helps you boost your security profile but it can also help you maximize your operation and help improve sales. Knowing where guests are staying in a hotel can also help improve efficiency in other ways. One major high-rise hotel in San Francisco knows that its sweet spot is business and convention traffic. To that end, during the holidays when business travel is minimized, the hotel moves all of its guests to upgraded rooms on its top floors. Staffing can then be moved to focus on the highest concentration of guests, and hotel guests feel they are being valued at a higher level.

Improve Secondary Retail Opportunities

Using video analytics can help you understand how people move through your hotel, where there are opportunities to upsell food or beverage offerings, and potentially place your gift shop or other retail operations in the best physical location.

Staff Appropriately

Hotel guests find plenty of things to complain about. Even the slightest glance at sites like Tripadvisor.com or Orbitz will tender a host of complaints ranging from the obvious (room cleanliness) to the bizarre (see: bedbugs). But one aspect of hospitality operations that is often overlooked is staffing appropriately, which can help defuse many situations that adversely affect a hotel guest’s stay. By using video analytics, you can figure out when your hotel is most busy and endeavor to put the right amount of staff on the floor. This keeps tired businessmen from waiting in long lines to check in, ensures that rooms are cleaned in a timely fashion so that guests can better enjoy their stay, and makes sure that French fries are duly delivered to the family waiting at the four-top in your hotel restaurant.

Using video analytics is an investment for your hotel, resort or casino operation but it’s one of the most valuable assets to bring on-board in this modern century. By using video analytics data to understand how your guests are enjoying their experience, where your staff can be more efficient, and ensuring the safety and security of everyone under your roof, you are investing in an essential tool to make your hotel a truly unique, memorable, and repetitive experience for your guests.

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Christie Acker

Christie Acker

Director, Enterprise Sales, Envysion

Christie is responsible for helping Envysion’s enterprise clients in the retail and restaurant spaces understand the best ways to use video-based business intelligence to deliver on their brand promise and drive profitability.

With over 15 years experience in building and supporting world-class sales organizations, Christie is an accomplished and tenured leader in the enterprise software sales market.  An avid traveler, she has visited over 60 countries and uses her diverse experiences to help understand clients' needs to design and implement solutions to help achieve their goals.

Christie holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University.

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