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Customer Success is the Core of our Business

Posted by Corey Knop on Jul 26, 2016 12:02:58 PM

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Envysion’s focus on customer success is stronger now than it has ever been.  My prior experience in the tech industry has taught me that a company’s life blood and reason for existence are its customers.  As a business that helps other businesses succeed, anything we do as a company should be to ultimately support this core idea.

Historically, our customer base has spanned several industries including quick service restaurant, wireless, and retail industries. Envysion® is entering a period of rapid growth as we add new client brands to our portfolio who find the need and value in video-based business intelligence solutions.

To help support our current and expanding customers, we are taking action each and every day to transform our customer success from great to excellent.

The Processes

We are streamlining processes to ensure customers have the best service in their journey with us. Every team member has completed training that they will leverage when working to exceed individual customer needs. These process changes will also provide consistency when executing internally on customer deliverables.

The People

We recruit and retain exceptional team members to meet the needs of our customers. From Technical Support to Client Success Managers, our team is built with extraordinary people from diverse industries. They bring relevant experiences to their current positions and help us to collectively build greatness.

The Education

Educating our customers is at the heart of what we do. With virtual technology, we offer tutorials, webinars, and individualized training to help customers maximize the use of our products and services.  Technology needs to help, not hinder, your operation.

The Relationships

Our Customer Success Managers build one-on-one personalized relationships with each customer so that we can continue to understand individual organizational needs as well as the trending and changing needs of our customer base as a whole. We are constantly improving our offerings based on this feedback.

It’s an exciting time at Envysion® as we continue to help our customers streamline operations, improve service, minimize loss, and ultimately impact their bottom line. While we have a great product that can support customer needs, we believe that a big piece of this puzzle is understanding our customers.


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Envysion® is a leading provider of video-based business intelligence that helps companies deliver on their brand promise. At Envysion, we marry operational, financial and employee metrics together with video and sophisticated analytics and make it easy-to-use and accessible, offering visibility into every store…every location…every day…from anywhere.


Corey Knop

Vice President of Customer Success

As VP of Customer Success, Corey is building on Envysion’s history of client-focused service in the video-based business intelligence industry. His team’s number one goal is to help both existing and new customers drive their success with our platform. Corey has a demonstrated track record of success in building teams and customer relationships, developing and executing strategy, and increasing operational efficiency and profitability at Kenexa and IBM. Prior to joining Envysion, Corey led a global team of Customer Support Engineers, Account Managers and Managed Services teams in delivering customer support for IBM Kenexa’s SaaS and On-Premise solutions.  Past roles have included leadership of Quality Assurance and Logistics operations teams where he led a team of 40 analysts, including staff in five countries spanning 13 time zones, supporting $53 million in recognized revenue. He has relocated with his family to Envysion’s Colorado offices in order to be on the front line of customer success. Corey received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Doane University.

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