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Creating a More Personal Customer Experience at Your Restaurant

Make Things Personal Again at Your Restaurant

A customer’s feelings about your brand will ultimately depend on how they were treated when interacting with your restaurant’s staff.


Collecting and Learning from Customer Feedback

Your customer experience can always stand to be improved. What are the best methods to collect and analyze customer feedback?


Most Progressive Restaurants in Terms of Loss Prevention

Which restaurants are embracing loss prevention technologies and how is it leading to success? Let’s examine some real-world examples that are using Envysion technology to help prevent loss and improve the customer experience.


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Items You Didn't Realize Could be Stolen at Your Restaurant

As an operator or owner of a quick service restaurant you might assume that you aren’t at risk of shoplifting and theft.


Top Priorities for Reducing Inventory Loss

Top Priorities for Reducing Inventory Loss

Loss of inventory costs Quick Service Restaurants lots of money every year. What should your operational priorities be to lower the impact of inventory shrinkage? Let’s look at some of the areas that you should prioritize in order to reduce shrinkage and loss.


In-House Electronic Ordering and QSRs

How are apps like QuikServe, which allow customers to order from an app, changing the landscape of QSR?


Keeping Customers Occupied While They Wait

Entertaining Restaurant Customers as They Wait

Waiting in line, waiting for a table, and waiting for food are the most dreaded aspects of any restaurant patron. Customers hate feeling like they’re wasting time, so how can you keep them entertained while they wait for service at your restaurant? There are many ways to prevent boredom and frustration, from unique art and decor to trivia and games.


7 Reasons Your Video Security System is Letting You Down

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Quick Service Restaurant’s Video Security?

Are you getting the most out of your restaurant’s video surveillance system? Many quick service restaurant owners could be surprised to find that their video security systems are missing the mark on their potential. It could be as simple as having to endure grainy, low quality videos, but the consequences of an outdated system have far-reaching consequences. 


Top 5 Reasons Your Customers Are Waiting Too Long to Order

Reduce Lines and Wait Times in Your Restaurant

Data shows that if a customer at a quick service restaurant has a wait time of three minutes or less they’re highly satisfied. That number isn’t so surprising —  from a customer prospective, waiting in line is the least enjoyable part of the quick service restaurant experience.

If your line is too long many would-be patrons may skip your restaurant altogether, opting for a shorter line elsewhere. Keep reading to learn more about what may be causing your long lines, and how you can fix them.


What Restaurants Can Learn from the Fast Casual Restaurant Trend

Fast casual restaurants are all the rage right now. Chains like Chipotle, Noodles & Company, and Buffalo Wild Wings are generating healthy profits despite using more expensive, high-quality and sustainable ingredients and more sophisticated preparation techniques. So what can traditional restaurants learn from the success of these unique fast casual restaurant offerings? Let’s examine some of the benefits and challenges of the fast casual restaurant trend.

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