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Business Process Optimization and How it Helps Restaurants

Why Your QSR Needs Business Process Automation

Business process automation (commonly abbreviated BPA) is an incredibly useful tool that quick service restaurant owners can use to help with large-scale audits of their restaurant’s operations. With the help of BPA solutions, big tasks like managing inventory, streamlining hiring, tracking employee schedules, and more can be streamlined and optimized. The result? Time and money saved.


Top Applications Your Business Analytics Solution Needs

Spreadsheets don’t cover it anymore for business analytics

Simple spreadsheets don’t cover it anymore for business analytics. The operation and management of a restaurant is a complex set of moving parts that can be difficult to track and analyze without a comprehensive solution that gives you the big picture not only in how your employees are behaving but also in how your customers are experiencing your restaurant. Here are the top features in your business analytics solution you need to gain unfiltered insights into your Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) operations.


Developing an Airtight Inventory Control Scheme

Inventory control is a vital part of a restaurant’s success

Inventory control is a vital part of a restaurant’s success. Without a proper approach, you will be left with wasted unsold inventory which can add up to cost your restaurant money. Here's how to develop a proper method for inventory control.


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Most Progressive Restaurants in Terms of Loss Prevention

Which restaurants are embracing loss prevention technologies and how is it leading to success? Let’s examine some real-world examples that are using Envysion technology to help prevent loss and improve the customer experience.


Items You Didn't Realize Could be Stolen at Your Restaurant

As an operator or owner of a quick service restaurant you might assume that you aren’t at risk of shoplifting and theft.


What Does a Quick Service Restaurant Need in a Business Intelligence Solution?

The little things matter when it comes to serving fast food in a quick service restaurant (QSR). Time matters to busy people who are just trying to get a hot meal. Price matters to cost-conscious customers who are trying to maximize their incomes. Quality matters to young families who are trying to feed their growing families on the fly. That’s why as a QSR manager or owner, you need a business intelligence solution that gives you the most information about how, why and where people buy your products, experience your restaurant, and tell their friends and family about the process.


Loss Prevention Training for All Restaurant Staff

How to Train All QSR Employees on the Basics of Loss Prevention

Some quick service restaurant owners might think that loss prevention is something only managers and specialized loss prevention employees need to understand. However, it can be incredibly valuable to train employees at all levels on basic loss prevention protocols. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to training your restaurant’s employees in basic loss prevention strategies. 


Top Priorities for Reducing Inventory Loss

Top Priorities for Reducing Inventory Loss

Loss of inventory costs Quick Service Restaurants lots of money every year. What should your operational priorities be to lower the impact of inventory shrinkage? Let’s look at some of the areas that you should prioritize in order to reduce shrinkage and loss.


Can Social Intelligence Help Your Restaurant?

Business intelligence can give customers deep insights into their operations, but is it time to merge this with social intelligence?  We’re talking about gaining insights into customer behavior by diving into their actions on social media. Let’s take a closer look at social media’s influence over Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and see what it reveals in terms of actionable intelligence.


6 Ways to Lower Inventory Shrinkage at Your Restaurant

Is Inventory Shrink Hurting Your QSR?

Inventory shrink. It’s something that every quick service restaurant owner battles and it can be caused in a variety of ways. From accidental losses to purposeful thefts, you need to understand how to battle shrink if you want your QSR to thrive.

How can you work to lower inventory shrink? Keep reading to learn six useful tips and tricks that you can implement right in your own restaurant.

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