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How Technology is Changing the Dining Experience

Modern tech like smartphones and online innovations in social media are changing the way customers interact with restaurants, so how can quick service restaurants use this to their advantage? Let’s examine some of the fundamental ways that QSRs can use advanced apps and smartphone technology to improve the dining experience.


Ways Restaurants Can Improve Customer Satisfaction Using Analytics

Quick service restaurants and fast casual restaurants are fiercely competitive when it comes to customer satisfaction. Coming up with a strategy for delighting customers each and every visit can be a daunting task for many QSR professionals. Video analytics can help spot inefficiencies in your operations and areas where that can impact customer satisfaction. By delivering analytics and information proven to drive customer loyalty, retention of customers, customer recommendations and frequency of visits, Envysion can help you boost customer satisfaction. Here are eight ways to use this data to keep your customers happy.


11 Reasons Your Customers Aren't Returning

Fix These Problems, Earn More Repeat Business at Your QSR


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In-House Electronic Ordering and QSRs

How are apps like QuikServe, which allow customers to order from an app, changing the landscape of QSR?


How Video Analytics are Similar to Watching Game Film

Top coaches in virtually every sport already understand it’s tremendous value, and they know it’s the best way to analyze their team’s strengths and weaknesses. And now, thanks to video analytics, you can reap the same game-changing benefits in your quick service restaurant.


Loss Prevention and the Drive-Thru

Recognizing and Preventing Theft at Your Restaurant’s Drive-Thru

Quick service restaurant managers place a lot of emphasis on in-store loss prevention. This tendency is understandable, since it seems logical that most losses would occur inside of the store. Have you looked at your drive-thru lately, though? You may think there isn’t much that you can do to improve this area of operations. However, with the right insights, you can easily minimize losses and make this part of your restaurant much more efficient... here’s how.


Top Four Challenges QSR Will Face in the New Year

Prepare for changes in QSR 2016 trends: Technology, health, and more.

While the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry continues to be the fastest-growing sector in the restaurant market, the road in 2016 could be bumpy. With constant change and growing challenges around every corner, the hurdles that QSR restaurants will face in 2016 are looming larger every day. Even the most seasoned restaurant pros could be awake at night thinking about these challenges and how to surmount them.

Here are four of the most dynamic scenarios facing seasoned QSR executives.


Preventing Food Waste at Your Restaurant

How to Reduce Food Waste in Your Quick Service Restaurant

Does it seem like food prices are on the rise? Well, that’s because they are. In 2014, food prices went up by more than 5%. As a quick service restaurant owner you’re likely feeling the pinch, which makes food waste a tough pill to swallow. If you’ve ever had a slower than expected day that led to tossing out expensive and now expired food inventory, or even if you just want to make your restaurant more environmentally friendly, you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about preventing food waste at your restaurant.


Pairing Video with Audit Services

Having video surveillance in your store is vital. But it can do more than just detect theft. Conducting an audit of surveillance footage can help you uncover operational inefficiencies and more. Too often, video surveillance is primarily seen as a means by which to discourage theft. In fact, a closed circuit video system can be much more than a deterrent. Here are just some of the applications that can be served by implementing a comprehensive, advanced video surveillance system with on-board analytics and Envysion's auditing capabilities.


Keeping Customers Occupied While They Wait

Entertaining Restaurant Customers as They Wait

Waiting in line, waiting for a table, and waiting for food are the most dreaded aspects of any restaurant patron. Customers hate feeling like they’re wasting time, so how can you keep them entertained while they wait for service at your restaurant? There are many ways to prevent boredom and frustration, from unique art and decor to trivia and games.

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