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Summer Dining Trends

What Diners Want From Restaurants During the Summer

As the temperatures change from season to season, so do diners’ food preferences. Restaurant goers are looking for lighter foods, drink offerings to complement those foods, and innovative new ways of enjoying their food and beverages. From unique seafood dishes to trendy bar food, here’s what diners are looking for this summer.


Top Five Reasons Your Restaurant is Driving Customers Away

You’re a smart business owner. You believe that you run a tight ship when it comes to running your restaurant. You keep the chef in check, pay attention to the needs of customers, and try to run a healthy business. So what’s driving your customers away? Here are five common reasons that customers will abandon an otherwise fine restaurant.


What’s Next for Fast Casual Restaurants?

Upcoming Trends in the Fast Casual Restaurant Industry

Fast casual restaurants are the fast food scene’s newest trend. These restaurants have skyrocketed in popularity over the past five years, with consumers delighting in the availability of healthier fast food alternatives. The meteoric success of this niche has restaurateurs throughout the country asking, “What’s next for this sector of the restaurant industry?”


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Loss Prevention in Alcohol Sales

Restaurants with a bar can lose money in all sorts of ways. While it's usually good business to give away a free drink every so often, it's a product that can be given away far too often. Let’s look at some of the ways that alcohol can go missing in a busy bar or restaurant and some technology-based solutions that can help you ensure that every hour is a happy one.


Take a Closer Look at Seasonality in Food Sales

Business in the restaurant industry is chaotic at the best of times. Customer numbers may increase or remain steady in a good economy yet may suffer tremendously if the economy takes a tumble. As portrayed in Anthony Bourdain’s memoir Kitchen Confidential, struggling restaurateurs can get awfully desperate, relying on gimmicks like brunch and 2-for-1 dinners to help them keep the doors open. But one way in which smart restaurant owners and chefs can save themselves money all year long is by paying attention to seasonality and how changes in season can have an impact on their business. Let’s look at some of those forces at work and address how vision, strategy and technology can help restaurants to minimize the negative impacts of seasonal changes and use the food of the season to their advantage.


Updating Your Point-of-Sale System

Inventory software programs are critical to retail operations because they let managers track usage, monitor inventory via unit dollar costs, and calculate precisely when it’s time to order new inventory. More sophisticated point-of-sale (POS) software integrated with advanced video surveillance and business intelligence can even analyze inventory levels on a single-item basis and control inventory all the way from the time it arrives from the supplier to the point it leaves with your customer at the cash register.


Technology and the Restaurant Dining Experience

Restaurant Owners Can Use Technology to Increase Profits

Turning a profit in the restaurant business can be a tricky endeavor, to say the least. But many restaurants are beginning to build technology into their dining experiences in an effort to create happier customers and bigger profits. From menus displayed on tablets to seamless online ordering, tech can change the way customers experience restaurants. But, can technology have a positive impact on experience, and the bottom line in your restaurant?

Learn more about the implications of new technology to determine whether you should bring some of it into your own restaurant.


How to Design the Best Restaurant Floor Plan

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Maximize Space with an Efficient Floor Plan

Every restaurateur knows that choosing the most efficient seating arrangement is vital for increasing sales and creating a positive customer experience. You want to maximize the space that you have available, but you also need to ensure that your customers feel comfortable and at ease.

Is your restaurant set up making customers feel cramped? Read on to learn about some common mistakes made when designing restaurant floor plans, and then figure out how to fix them. 


Mobile Ordering Apps: The Future of Restaurants?

At Snarf’s Sub Shop in Boulder, Colorado, the line of customers is out the door for the restaurant’s popular line of hot submarine sandwiches. But if you observe closely, some customers walk right past the line, sidle up to the side counter, and walk away with lunch in hand, never having waited for any part of their transaction. What gives? The sub shop has partnered up with local mobile app developer Splick-It to offer its customers a free, custom-branded mobile ordering application to deliver not only mobile, hassle-free ordering and payment options but also special offers, loyalty points, and their order history.


Using Video Analytics to Optimize Your Staffing Rotation

Determine Your Staffing Needs With the Help of Powerful Video Surveillance Data

Video surveillance isn’t only about security. Restaurant owners can also use this powerful tool to determine their staffing rotations. Perhaps you already know when your peak times are, and when your restaurant needs more hands on deck to handle the crowds. But, do you know which staff members are better at dealing with a packed house? Alternatively, do you know which employees thrive during quieter times? Video analytics can help you answer these questions, and more, so that you can easily optimize your staffing schedule.

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