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Sales Performance: Overcoming the Biggest Hurdle to Profitability

You’ve done everything right. Your marketing is effective. Customers are in your store. Your product is popular and attractively priced. But sales are off, stores are under-performing and profits are down. So, what’s wrong?

In most cases, the finger points to sales team inefficiency and poor performance.  And experts agree that the tried and true silver bullet for improving performance is coaching and training—not just on cross-selling and upselling techniques, but on overall sales performance, which includes inventory control, product knowledge, and shelving and display techniques.

Sales Performance

Training and coaching employees in a variety of locations can be a steep hill for you to climb. At Envysion, we believe that intelligent video monitoring is the first step to a successful training and coaching program. We’ve seen it work. One of our customers, Bernie Quintero, director of operations at D-Carr Investments, manages ten KFC stores in Florida. Video intelligence is a key tool Bernie uses to coach and monitor employee participation in ongoing promotions.  “We went from selling 30 mini-cakes a week to 300 using the Envysion system,” Quintero says. “We were $3,000 over quota at every store.” Quintero also has learned that reinforcing positive behavior has helped create a culture of accountability—and profitability—at his stores.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, often viewed as an innovator in the quick service and fast casual space, uses video intelligence to monitor a wide variety of sales performance indicators. Tim Spong, executive director of safety, security and risk at Chipotle, measures daily store performance with Envysion’s modern video technology. “We use Envysion to do throughput audits where we’re looking for what we call our pillars of throughput—operational things like being ready for the shift, all the food prepared. If Envysion shows us that those elements are in place, we know we’re going to bring more customers thought the doors, which results in higher sales,” he says. From store cleanliness to inventory control and loss prevention, operators like Chipotle are integrating video intelligence into virtually every area of their operations. 

Most importantly, intelligent video and audio monitoring can help you fine-tune cross-selling and upselling. By ensuring that your employees are armed with knowledge about products and promotions, you can move them beyond “Would you like to supersize your order?” to driving sales—and ultimately, store profitability. 

About the Author — Lauren Christin

Lauren is responsible for assisting Envysion retail customers recognize greater operational efficiency and reduce loss through the use of video intelligence. She has assisted many clients in streamlining processes by using all components of the Envysion solution. Lauren has held senior sales roles at BroadVision, Oracle and MCI. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Finance from St. Joseph’s University and her MBA from University of Connecticut.

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