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Envysion shares its biggest wins of 2017 with Built In Colorado

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A new year is upon us and with it, the promise of exciting new achievements and, yes, even challenges. As we bid farewell to 2017, we shared some of the milestones that have made our year great with Built In Colorado, the authority on startup jobs, tech news and events in the Colorado tech scene. 


How Managed Video Solutions Are Changing the QSR Industry


For most QSR owners and operators, the loss prevention and workforce retention struggle is all too real. Between theft, loss, false legal claims, high turnover, and fierce competition for employees and customers—boosting profits and ensuring a great customer experience may seem like an insurmountable task.


RLPSA Member Spotlight: Calvin Quan, Envysion CEO


Meet Calvin Quan, CEO at Envysion, a leading provider of video-based business intelligence solutions, featured in RLPSA's latest Member Spotlight.


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Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Good, Not Just the Bad

Use Video Data as a Positive Reinforcement Tool for Employees

To finish this series on video intelligence, video surveillance is most commonly seen as a tool for identifying negatives, like shoplifting and employee theft, but it can also be an excellent way to show staff that you understand the things they’re excelling at.


Chipotle Increases Profits With Video-Driven Business Intelligence

"I think the idea of having a partner that's continuously upgrading and improving the user experience, the product and the data—that's what we're looking for. That's what we have with Envysion."

“We’ve realized a sustained and predictable profit impact from Envysion over the last seven years and we are continually finding new ways to use video to improve our restaurants’ performance” says Tim Spong, Chipotle’s director of safety, security and risk At Chipotle. In fact, the restaurant chain’s profit margins are among the highest in the industry, despite managing 50,000 employees across over 1,750 locations.


KFC Operator: Creating a culture of accountability and increasing profits.

“In just six months we’ve added 2% to the bottom line in each of our stores,” said Bernie Quintero, Director of Operations at D-Carr Investments. The combination of video cameras, the Envysion platform, and a new loss prevention department makes a big impact on how the employees and store managers operate in each restaurant.


Are You Leveraging the Right POS Data to Meet the Needs of Your Business?

"The registers are already there. The cameras are already there. When you’re doing investigations it’s a natural progression to take these two pieces of equipment and put them together with a system like Envysion. As an investigator, I have a higher close rate with Envision sites."


Cash Customers Could be a Mixed Blessing this Holiday Season

Are You Following Your Cash Handling Procedures?

Anyone who follows current events knows that this has been a stellar year for hackers—over the last 12 months, several big name retailers including Home Depot, Michaels and Target have all experienced breaches of sensitive consumer data. According to Forbes.com1, Target estimates that the data breach to their company represents a net loss of $148 million dollars to shareholders. And of course, it’s nearly impossible to calculate the longer-term financial impact due to loss of consumer confidence.

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