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How Managed Video Solutions Are Changing the QSR Industry


For most QSR owners and operators, the loss prevention and workforce retention struggle is all too real. Between theft, loss, false legal claims, high turnover, and fierce competition for employees and customers—boosting profits and ensuring a great customer experience may seem like an insurmountable task.


Getting Creative with QSR Sales and Promotions

You’ve probably done sales promotions in your quick service restaurant before — do any of these sound familiar?


Creating a More Personal Customer Experience at Your Restaurant

Make Things Personal Again at Your Restaurant

A customer’s feelings about your brand will ultimately depend on how they were treated when interacting with your restaurant’s staff.


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How to Catch Employee Fraud at your Restaurant

Unfortunately, employees defraud their employers from time to time. How can you spot this behavior and what technologies can help? Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are particularly vulnerable to employee theft and fraud because of their very nature. It is challenging to spot small amounts of money or product loss in a retail setting where thousands of point-of-sale transactions happen each day. As a franchise owner or QSR manager, you simply don’t have time to audit every transaction.

Here are some of the most common ways that employees commit theft against QSRs and how to detect incidents faster, gather evidence and prevent thefts from happening in the future.


Fixing Errors at the Register

There are many causes of loss at Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), ranging from improper preparation of product to employee theft. But one of the most invisible forms of loss for a QSR can occur in the most visible position in the entire store, namely the cash register - where point-of-sale transactions occur. From simple math errors to outright fraud, not having clear and transparent visibility into each and every transaction can cost a QSR thousands of dollars over even a short period of time. In just one recent case at the Kohl’s clothing chain in Santa Clara, California, the chain had to pay a $409,000 claim for overcharging customers.


Collecting and Learning from Customer Feedback

Your customer experience can always stand to be improved. What are the best methods to collect and analyze customer feedback?


Can Wait Management Systems Improve Your Customer Experience?

For a quick service restaurant (QSR), cutting down on customer wait time is key. How can a wait management system improve customer experience and increase your revenue?


Business Process Optimization and How it Helps Restaurants

Why Your QSR Needs Business Process Automation

Business process automation (commonly abbreviated BPA) is an incredibly useful tool that quick service restaurant owners can use to help with large-scale audits of their restaurant’s operations. With the help of BPA solutions, big tasks like managing inventory, streamlining hiring, tracking employee schedules, and more can be streamlined and optimized. The result? Time and money saved.


Top Applications Your Business Analytics Solution Needs

Spreadsheets don’t cover it anymore for business analytics

Simple spreadsheets don’t cover it anymore for business analytics. The operation and management of a restaurant is a complex set of moving parts that can be difficult to track and analyze without a comprehensive solution that gives you the big picture not only in how your employees are behaving but also in how your customers are experiencing your restaurant. Here are the top features in your business analytics solution you need to gain unfiltered insights into your Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) operations.


Developing an Airtight Inventory Control Scheme

Inventory control is a vital part of a restaurant’s success

Inventory control is a vital part of a restaurant’s success. Without a proper approach, you will be left with wasted unsold inventory which can add up to cost your restaurant money. Here's how to develop a proper method for inventory control.

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