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Monitoring in the mall: Improving kiosk sales performance with intelligent video

Mall kiosks, with their relatively low overhead, small inventory requirements, 360-degree exposure and high foot traffic, have been a boon to many retailers. Their low start-up cost and attractive lease options can be an effective way to counter the growth in online purchasing in today’s volatile economic environment.


Safety First: The Smart Approach to Safety and Risk Management in Your Store

Safety and Security

They’re like the weather. Everyone talks about them, but pretty much no one does anything. They tend to be out of sight, out of mind. In most stores, it’s business as usual until a customer slip and falls, the bad guys enter though a propped-open back door, there’s an incident of workplace violence or one of your customers makes a litigious claim. While these instances may be rare, a store robbery, a frivolous workman’s compensation claim or a customer lawsuit can rain all over your store’s profitability.


AT&T Portables: Improving Customer Experience and Store Security with Modern Video Technology

We have a comprehensive system that captures every moment, video and audio, so that we can really have a clear view of what’s happening every moment.

It’s not uncommon for wireless retailers to focus on improving both customer experience and security. And, it makes sense: Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any retail organization, and reducing losses ultimately contributes to increased profitability. As companies grow, though, it’s not always easy to maintain consistent practices that lead to customer satisfaction and decreased theft.


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4G Wireless’ Secret Weapon for Growth: The Modern Video Surveillance System

“We’re able to stop employees from making errors, which cost us thousands of dollars, or that cost us customers, which translate to thousands of dollars. With only a couple of sales or a couple of security issues, Envysion pays for itself in each store.”


9 Tips for Choosing a New Video Security System for Your Company

If you’re tasked with choosing a new video security system for your company, you’ve likely already done some research. You may have learned that today’s video systems aren’t what they used to be. They not only offer features such as Internet-based access to video, and integration with business systems such as point of sale (POS) systems, but they’ve also moved beyond basic video for security to actually helping you increase profits for your company through improved sales and reduced losses.


Is Your Commercial Video Surveillance System Outdated?

Many multi-unit companies use outdated commercial video surveillance systems. It’s no wonder – the world of security and video has changed a lot over the years, and multiple generations of systems have evolved in the time it has taken for the outdated ones to die. And, even if your old-school system is difficult to use and limited in what it can do, it may be hard to convince the entire company that it’s worth upgrading to the now-current model. But, I’m here to tell you that video surveillance has come a long way, and it’s worth a fresh look.


Increasing Profits: Moving Beyond Video Surveillance for Wireless Retail

Like most retailers, wireless dealers aim for more revenue and reduced loss. But, wireless retailers also must battle shrinking margins on phone sales and the constant threat of wireless chargebacks, robberies and employee theft. As a wireless retailer, how can you train employees to sell more wireless products while guarding your stores against risks? The answer: by moving beyond traditional video surveillance to modern video-based business intelligence (video-based BI).


How to Reduce Employee Theft in Wireless Stores

As a wireless dealer, you likely know that employee fraud can cost you tens of thousands of dollars each month – at each store. Employee ghosting is one of the more common and costly forms of employee theft in wireless stores, but it’s one you can identify and prevent by using some best practices and the right technology.

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