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Arranging Your Store to Upsell

How can you learn from your customer behavior to arrange your store displays and how can these help upsell customers? There are several inherent challenges with upselling.


Top Loss Prevention Metrics

Retail loss prevention is among the most demanding of all the security issues faced by retail operations.  Not only must retail sales employees learn and adopt loss prevention practices, but they must adapt to a frenetic work pace, difficult client customers, even more demanding client employees, and an array of potential threats internally and externally.  Additional challenges include threats to sensitive information, such as proprietary and customer data, as well as the avoidance of startling and unwelcome newsworthy incidents that could impact a client's brand and image.


Updating Your Point-of-Sale System

Inventory software programs are critical to retail operations because they let managers track usage, monitor inventory via unit dollar costs, and calculate precisely when it’s time to order new inventory. More sophisticated point-of-sale (POS) software integrated with advanced video surveillance and business intelligence can even analyze inventory levels on a single-item basis and control inventory all the way from the time it arrives from the supplier to the point it leaves with your customer at the cash register.


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Is Your Customer Loyalty Program Outdated?

Keep Your Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs Working for Customers, and Your Business

A customer loyalty program is one of the best ways to reward your customers while turning them into repeat customers. But, too many rewards programs are outdated and ineffective. Many loyalty programs use a “points for purchase” model, where shoppers earn points for every dollar spent, or for every purchase made. Even more programs rely on plastic cards that the customer scans, or on punch cards. As of 2011, there were more than 2 billion loyalty programs across the country, or an average of 18 memberships per household.


Using Video Surveillance to Catch the Good, Not Just the Bad

Use Video Data as a Positive Reinforcement Tool for Employees

To finish this series on video intelligence, video surveillance is most commonly seen as a tool for identifying negatives, like shoplifting and employee theft, but it can also be an excellent way to show staff that you understand the things they’re excelling at.

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