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Using Video Analytics to Improve Wireless Store Operations

You have policies and procedures in place for good reason: They reduce shrinkage and ensure your wireless retail stores are operating effectively and efficiently. You need to be able to actively identify and correct process and compliance issues and look for opportunities for continuous improvement before they become profit-impacting problems. But, you can’t be in all of your stores all of the time or watch hours and hours of surveillance video just to know what’s going on.


Why Your Company Needs a Full-Time Loss Prevention Team

Full-Time loss prevention specialists have strategically different views

Running a wireless retail operation is a huge challenge, and one that requires a fool-proof loss prevention strategy. The high cost and relative mobility of retail wireless electronics makes them a very attractive target for thieves, shoplifters, robbery and even unscrupulous employees. Here's why your team needs a loss prevention team.


Using Your In-Store Mobile Experience as a Value Add

As online shopping becomes more prominent, customers will need a good reason to purchase in store vs the convenience of online ordering. How do you make your in-store experience a "value-add" and keep customers coming in?


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How to Reduce Returns in Your Wireless Store This Year

Cut Costs by (Almost) Eliminating Product Returns

It’d be wonderful if your customers were always 100% satisfied with their purchases from your wireless store. Unfortunately, there will be times when a shopper chooses to return an item that they’ve purchased.

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