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Preparing Your Wireless Retail Operation For the Holidays

Brace yourselves: winter is coming.

No, not the one from HBO’s Game of Thrones but the much more frightening one between Black Friday and the post-Christmas return rush where your wireless retail store is overwhelmed with lucrative but slightly mad shoppers who are determined to overrun your employees, wipe out your inventory, and battle to the death over the last BB-8 remote control droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Using Video Analytics to Improve Wireless Store Operations

As the owner or manager of a wireless retail operation, you work hard to bring in customers, improve the consistency of your sales and customer service strategies and increase profits not only by selling more products but also by keeping track of your inventory. An advanced video surveillance system with integrated video analytics can help you meet these goals by giving you unprecedented visibility into your daily wireless retail operations. From evaluating employee performance to improving customer service and integrating smart loss prevention strategies, a video surveillance system with improved analytics can help you monitor the performance of your store and improve the viability of your retail operation.

Let’s look at five areas where a video surveillance system can help you improve profits, drive traffic and reduce loss.

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