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What We Learned About Wireless Retail During the 2015 Holiday Season

Now that another holiday is behind us, what are the big takeaways for wireless retailers? Here are some of the key takeaways from the holiday shopping season for 2015.


The Importance of Store Layout

Having trouble deciding how to organize your store? Should you do it by device type (smartphones, tablets, etc), or by brand? Video analytics can help you understand what layouts work best for your customers. Modern video surveillance systems with on-board analytics can help you create the best customer experience—at every touch point—essentially giving your mobile retail location the opportunity to reinvent itself on the fly. By not only listening to customer feedback but also analyzing their traffic patterns and behavior, you will have the data you need to control everything a customer sees and experiences. This allows your professional retail specialists to engage customers in a hands-on environment where a transaction now includes education. Because you now have comprehensive data on how a customer experiences your stores, your sales professionals can provide real-world examples to customers when talking about accessories and devices.


Four Trends Impacting Wireless Retailers in 2016

New challenges and opportunities will face wireless retailers in 2016. Are you prepared?

Wireless retailers, dealers and carriers will continue to see challenges and opportunities in 2016 as the U.S. industry continues to evolve. Here are four U.S. wireless retail trends to look out for in 2016.


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Preparing for Holiday Returns

Returning customers can be a boon to wireless retailers. It’s an opportunity to upsell customers who are unsatisfied with their purchase, encourage customers to buy cases, headphones and other peripherals, and turn them on to merchandise that may be unrelated to their original purchase—think the customer who upgrades their iPhone only to return the next day to replace their Apple TV.


Retail Shrinkage Numbers are Increasing

How Wireless Retailers Can Prevent Retail Shrink

As of November 2015, the latest Global Retail Theft Barometer Study found that U.S. retail shrinkage as a total percentage of sales is up. Shrink, which includes shoplifting, employee fraud, supplier fraud, and administrative errors increased from 1.28% of sales in 2013-2014, to 1.97% of sales during 2014-2015.


Which Gadgets Are Expected to Sell in 2015’s Holiday Season

2015’s Top Technology Gifts for Wireless Retailers

Tech products sell well throughout the holiday season and you’ll want to be sure that your shelves are stocked with the gadgets that customers crave the most. You likely already have your smartphone selection figured out, but what other tech gifts sell during the holidays? From smartwatches to tablets, keep reading to discover the items that are bound to fly off of your shelves this year.


Employee Errors and Loss Prevention

Employee errors can be one of the most demanding challenges in creating a loss prevention strategy for a retail operation. Many loss prevention experts believe that the success or failure of a retail business comes down to the quality of their employees. What makes the difference between a successful wireless sales location and a failed one is often the quality of the staff and the integrity of your transactions.


Preparing Your Wireless Retail Operation For the Holidays

Brace yourselves: winter is coming.

No, not the one from HBO’s Game of Thrones but the much more frightening one between Black Friday and the post-Christmas return rush where your wireless retail store is overwhelmed with lucrative but slightly mad shoppers who are determined to overrun your employees, wipe out your inventory, and battle to the death over the last BB-8 remote control droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Shoplifting During the Holiday Season

Prevent Holiday Shoplifting in Your Wireless Store

Shoplifting is a year-round problem for any retailer, but the issue tends to be even more problematic during the holidays. More than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from retailers every year, and most of that theft occurs during the holiday season. As stores get busier the temptation can be high for customers to shoplift gifts and save money.


Using Video Analytics to Improve Wireless Store Operations

As the owner or manager of a wireless retail operation, you work hard to bring in customers, improve the consistency of your sales and customer service strategies and increase profits not only by selling more products but also by keeping track of your inventory. An advanced video surveillance system with integrated video analytics can help you meet these goals by giving you unprecedented visibility into your daily wireless retail operations. From evaluating employee performance to improving customer service and integrating smart loss prevention strategies, a video surveillance system with improved analytics can help you monitor the performance of your store and improve the viability of your retail operation.

Let’s look at five areas where a video surveillance system can help you improve profits, drive traffic and reduce loss.

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