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Top Six Reasons to Use Loss Prevention Technology in a Wireless Store

Wireless stores carry some very expensive items that need to be protected from shoplifters and dishonest employees. This means that retailers are always searching for technology to mitigate the risks of theft and fraud. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so retailers are looking for innovative, cutting-edge technology like surveillance combined with video analytics in order to address the challenges that lay ahead.


How to Prevent Chargebacks

Protect Your Business From Chargeback Fraud With These Easy Steps


Preventing Smartphone Theft

Smartphones are one of the most attractive targets for thieves. Consumer Reports believes that there are over 3 million smartphones stolen every single year. Their very nature makes them attractive to those prone to thievery because they are small, easily concealable, carry a ton of valuable information on them and they’re shockingly easy to jailbreak or fence. As a retailer of mobile devices, however, these little beauties are literally your stock in trade, so it’s vital to put the right systems and practices in place to minimize smartphone theft in your business. Here are some best practices for maintaining loss prevention when it comes to smartphones and other mobile devices in your place of business.


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How to Sell Wearable Technology to Specific Customers

Wearable technology is a hot topic right now. Some people swear that wearable technology like the Apple Watch or Google Glass are the future of mobile technology while some analysts believe that the sales frenzy that was expected over these products won’t come to pass. As a mobile retailer, it’s important for you and your sales team to recognize both the advantages and challenges of wearable technology in order to clearly and easily explain their features to customers. Let’s look at some ideas for communicating these features to customers.


Marketing and Advertising for Wireless Retailers

For more sales, upgrade your wireless retail marketing strategies

Wireless retailers who sell mobile technology have more competition than ever, especially as big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy bring mobile offerings into their storefronts. On a national level, many of the promotional offerings are the same—more reliable coverage, faster 4G, and similar products across carriers, so how can a wireless retailer stand out on an individual basis to attract more local customers?


Best Security Systems for Nighttime Retail Operations

A security system is a key element to protecting the assets, employees, products and integrity of a retail operation. Equipment and features are important factors when choosing the best security systems from manufacturers but it’s also important to consider the character of a retail operation. Monitoring and analysis of retail operations that are only open during the day or are safely secured within, for example, a shopping mall, is a fairly easy proposition. But do you have the right equipment to monitor your retail operations after hours?

Here are some of the cutting-edge systems equipped with the latest technology—especially night vision applications—to ensure that security systems keep up with ever-increasing sophistication on the part of potential criminals.


Communicating Effectively with Customers About Wireless Technology

The Easy Way to Help Buyers Understand New Technology

Wireless technology is constantly changing and evolving. As a result, many consumers are confused and overwhelmed about their choices. New smartphones are on the market regularly, tablets are re-designed to be more powerful… and buyers don’t know how to choose the devices that best fit their unique needs.


Should Your Retail Store Use Google Wallet & Apple Pay?

Does Your Business Need to Change How it Accepts Payments?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Now, they may even replace our credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Google Wallet and Apple Pay (and the technology they rely on to work) are two new high tech applications that customers can use to pay for goods and services at brick and mortar businesses. But, are your customers using them, and is investing in the new technology a smart business move?


9 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Create Happy, Loyal Customers by Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Providing excellent customer service should be a top priority for every business, no matter how large or small the company is. Businesses depend on satisfied customers to survive. In fact, research has proven that


8 Reasons Mystery Shopping Isn’t as Effective as Video Intelligence

Increase Operational Efficiency with Video Intelligence, Not Mystery Shoppers

Traditionally, mystery shopping has been one of the easiest ways for storefronts to monitor and assess the on-the-ground details of a location’s operations. But, thanks to video surveillance technology, there’s an even better way to gain visibility into a store’s everyday operations. The data that managers and operators can get from this technology is infinitely more useful than mystery shopping, and the information can be easily acted upon to improve operations and revenues.

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