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Using Video Analytics to Improve Wireless Store Operations

As the owner or manager of a wireless retail operation, you work hard to bring in customers, improve the consistency of your sales and customer service strategies and increase profits not only by selling more products but also by keeping track of your inventory. An advanced video surveillance system with integrated video analytics can help you meet these goals by giving you unprecedented visibility into your daily wireless retail operations. From evaluating employee performance to improving customer service and integrating smart loss prevention strategies, a video surveillance system with improved analytics can help you monitor the performance of your store and improve the viability of your retail operation.

Let’s look at five areas where a video surveillance system can help you improve profits, drive traffic and reduce loss.

  1. Loss Prevention. This is the area where video analytics have become a crucial component of the operation of a wireless retail outlet. In this concept, video surveillance serves a number of crucial applications. First, it lets potential shoplifters, robbers and other criminals know that they’re being watched. This can often deter thieves from committing a crime in the first place. A video surveillance system can also help you monitor potentially fraudulent point-of-sale transactions. 

  2. Marketing. Where do customers go when they enter your store? Are they being approached by employees once they enter? What displays or products are drawing customers over? Are your headphones, cases and other peripheral products getting the customer attention that they deserve? By using a video surveillance system you can actively monitor customer counts, traffic movements and other factors in real time to help you design a state-of-the-art retail operation that uses seasonal trends, human psychology, customer service and other critical factors to maximize the viability of your store.

  3. Staffing. Which employees are in your store and when are they there? This is a critical question for a number of reasons. First, you want to staff your wireless retail operation appropriately in order to provide the best service to your customers. Secondly, staffing your operation appropriately will help discourage shoplifting, theft, fraud and employee theft.

  4. Inventory Control. Controlling the inventory of a wireless retail operation is a tricky business. It’s not just about ticking off boxes on a clipboard anymore. The devices are small, easily pocketed, easy to fence and sometimes difficult to track. But by integrating video analytics into your advanced video surveillance system, you can track every single product from your warehouse to its final destination at a valid point-of-sale transaction.

  5. Personalization. The retail experience that contemporary shoppers have today is very different from that of previous decades. New payment systems and emerging technologies are changing the way that customers engage with wireless retail outlets. By using video analytics to really understand how your customers are being engaged in your wireless store, you can help personalize and tailor their experience not only to give them the best shopping experience and help boost your reputation but also to maximize your profits.

About the Author — Lauren Christin

Lauren is responsible for assisting Envysion retail customers recognize greater operational efficiency and reduce loss through the use of video intelligence. She has assisted many clients in streamlining processes by using all components of the Envysion solution. Lauren has held senior sales roles at BroadVision, Oracle and MCI. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Finance from St. Joseph’s University and her MBA from University of Connecticut.

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