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Use Video Data from Multiple Locations to See the Big Picture

Make Your Video Data Scalable Across Locations

If you’re in the market for a video surveillance system for your store, restaurant, or hotel, you’ll want to be sure that the hardware and software can grow when you do. The information that you’ll receive from video data is an invaluable business tool that helps you see what’s going on inside every part of your store, restaurant, cinema, hotel, or other physical location. It all tells a story, and the moral of that story is that there’s always room for further improvement and innovation.


Chipotle Increases Profits With Video-Driven Business Intelligence

"I think the idea of having a partner that's continuously upgrading and improving the user experience, the product and the data—that's what we're looking for. That's what we have with Envysion."

“We’ve realized a sustained and predictable profit impact from Envysion over the last seven years and we are continually finding new ways to use video to improve our restaurants’ performance” says Tim Spong, Chipotle’s director of safety, security and risk At Chipotle. In fact, the restaurant chain’s profit margins are among the highest in the industry, despite managing 50,000 employees across over 1,750 locations.


Leading Fast Food Restaurants are Evolving From Mystery Shoppers to Video-Driven Business Intelligence

We’re all familiar with the concept of mystery shoppers—it is essentially the process of measuring and recording specific elements of the customer experience through the use of recruited and qualified consumers. These mystery shoppers then report back on the quality of their experience which gives business leaders an unbiased view of how employees are performing.


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